Xavian Master


The Xm Video Production Process

Step 1 : The Brief

My clients usually contact us with a brief. This is an outline of what they would like to produce and achieve.
Do you want a marketing video or a promotional video? Who is your target audience, what’s your message?
I will work with you and clearly define what you want and the best way to achieve it.


Step 2 : The Treatment

From our conversations I will produce a Treatment. This will clearly outline the concept, summarise the
story and define the creative approach. I am happy to work from existing ideas that you may have or
come up with a range of fresh concepts.


Step 3 : The Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual and written outline of your production.
The visual style and progression is defined. Think of it as your blueprint, a map to guide your production.


Step 4 : Logistics

Once the Treatment & Storyboard has been approved by you, I
will begin to plan and schedule your production from start to finish.


Step 5 : Production

So, if an interview is required in your production this is where I do it,
or if you need motion graphics for an explainer video this is where I will start getting busy.


Step 6 : The Edit

Once production is over, I set to work on showing you a first draft.
I will work with your brand guidelines and make sure that any text,
graphics, narration, music fits with your brand.


Step 7 : Review & Approval

I will send you a link to a online private screening room
where you can view a first cut of your production.
This allows you to make any comments and changes.


Step 8 : Final Delivery & Marketing

Once approved by you, I will send over the completed video
in the file type of your choice. I can also offer you many ways
to market your video and really get a return on your investment.


Step 9 : Sign-off

Once your project is signed off,
I will be in contact and will ask you for feedback.
Client service and performance is important to me
and if I can improve in any way, I want to hear about it.